Welcome to the East Scotland Region Training Page. 

We will publish details of all training events from across the Region on the Calendar. 



All adults who become involved in Scouting have to undertake Training appropriate to their role.   The Training Requirement can be seen on your entry in The Scout Association Database - COMPASS (register online at ) You will have been allocated a Training Adviser who will support you and help you to identify what training you as an individual require and will validate your learning once you have completed it. The detailed validation requirements for each of the Modules in the Adult Training Scheme are in the Leader or Manager Training Guide that you should have already been given. All Supporters (Executive Committee Members at Group, District and Regional Level must complete Module 1 Executive and for other roles Sectional or Management Modules must be completed as appropriate.  Two relevant guides are linked below:



Getting Started

Districts offer Modules 1, 2 and 3 or 4 as appropriate. An important part of getting started is Module 2, which results in a Personal Learning Plan that identifies what training you require and how that might be undertaken. Your Training Adviser will be able to discuss your training requirements and, after they have been agreed, will help with putting them into practice.  Once your Personal Learning Plan has been agreed with your Training Adviser, you should book in for the courses you need as soon as possible using the standard Application Form in the downloads section. In some cases, alternative methods to the courses, such as E-Learning may be agreed and details of the various learning resources are given here:,223,235  Whatever training method is undertaken, it is important that you show that your training has made the Scouting you offer better.  Your Training Adviser will want to know how this has been achieved when discussing your progress with you. Examples of what is expected are given during each module.  You must complete the Getting Started Modules within 5 months of your provisional appointment having been issued.  Only then will your full appointment be confirmed and only then will you have access to COMPASS to see the young people in your Section/Group. You then have three years to complete your training, and it must be complete before your appointment is reviewed after five years. 


Course Dates

The current Training Calendar lists all learning offered and each Module is provided at least once a year, usually on weekend courses at a variety of venues across the Region.  Weekend courses give the opportunity to network with other leaders, share good practice and include topics of interest that are not covered by the standard modules.  They are great fun and are provided free of charge. They are usually residential, but anyone wishing to travel home at night, for whatever reason, is very welcome to do so.


Changing Role

If, once you have completed your Training and been awarded your Wood Badge and then change Sections, you must be validated again for some of the Modules - 3, 12, 13, 14, 15 and 18.  A workbook can be completed for this and is available to download from the link below.


Ongoing Learning

It is the Line Manager’s responsibility to ensure that every Leader undertakes at least 5 hours of ongoing learning each year and your Group Scout Leader or District Commissioner should have identified appropriate opportunities for you.  In the past year the Region has offered Full Outdoor First Aid Certificates; Food Hygiene Courses and training towards DVLA Trailer and Minibus tests for our younger leaders.  Ongoing Learning can be recorded in the training section of COMPASS.


Safeguarding Awareness and Safety Training

All adults must complete this mandatory training at least every 5 years and this is recorded on your Training Record on COMPASS.  Everyone must attend/do Scout Safeguarding Awareness Courses, even if they work in Child Protection as the training is more geared at Scout rules and regulations. Both of these courses can be undertaken online and certificates printed out on successful completion.

Online Safeguarding Course -

Online Safety Course -


First Aid/First Response

All Leaders should have a valid First Aid or First Response at all times and regular free courses are organised by Districts (First Response) and regionally full First Aid Courses are arranged a couple of times a year.  Dates are in the Training Calendar.  If you carry out a course at work, please just supply a copy of the certificate so that your records on COMPASS can be updated. 


Helping others with their training

Some Leaders may wish to help with training others. If you have completed the training for your appointment and would like to help then please get in touch with your local ADC Adult Training and we can discuss how you would like to do so.   You may wish to assist as a Training Adviser supporting new leaders locally or you may wish to share your skills and expertise by acting as a facilitator or presenter on courses.  You will only need to give as much time as you have available and you will also learn loads of new ideas from those on the courses. 

Training Records

It is important that you keep your own portfolio with examples of what you have produced for validation of each of the various Modules and after completion of the formal Training, details of the ongoing learning that you have done.  At the time of Appointment Review – normally every 5 years – you need to have details of what ongoing learning has been undertaken; you need to have a valid First Aid or First Response Certificate, have completed Safeguarding and Safety Training in the past five years and you need have an updated PVG report from Disclosure Scotland.  If your training records are not accurate on COMPASS then you should contact your Assistant District Commissioner Adult Training or your Training Administrator as they have responsibility for maintaining these records.



If you have any general or specific questions about Adult Training, please contact the Regional Team and we’ll try and respond as soon as we can.   We’re here to help and look forward to supporting you throughout your time as an adult in Scouting.